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Speed Bumps For Parking Lots: Best For Safety And Compliance

Speed bumps can help property owners greatly improve the security of their parking lots. Concerns about employee, delivery, and visitor traffic can arise, especially if the speeds of the moving vehicles are not addressed.

According to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario, the top speed restriction in a parking lot in the province of Ontario is 10 km/h. Whilst it may appear safe to drive at or below that pace, inappropriate speeds in parking lots are a major contributing factor in a large number of daily car and pedestrian accidents. Speed humps can aid in lowering collisions that result in harm and even fatalities.

LBE Contracting Inc. has prepared this blog to effectively inform you about the functionality of speed bumps and all the benefits you can gain while installing them, as well as, offer you reliable and high-quality speed bump installation, repair and maintenance services.

What do Speed Bumps indicate?

A speed bump lowers a car’s speed to 0 to 10 km/hr and serves as a safety measure. They range in height from three to six inches.

A shorter but longer speed bump is known as a speed hump. With the use of these devices, traffic is slowed to a range of 16 to 24 km/h.

What are the Benefits of Speed Bumps?

It has been established that speed breakers are a crucial safety component for parking lots and residential streets. Installing speed bumps in locations where cars and pedestrians may cross paths can be advantageous for commercial premises as well.

Observe Speed Limits in the Parking Lot

The majority of accidents take place in parking lots, perhaps because of the large, vacant spaces or the absence of speed restriction signage. Vehicle speed can be decreased by installing speed breakers at the entry and exit of the parking lot as well as along the heavily traveled roadway.

Save Lives by Working During the Slippery Winter

Property owners might want to think about installing speed bumps before the ice, chilly winter weather arrives. Throughout the year, speed bumps assist in reminding drivers to slow down, especially when the roads are slippery. These safety precautions can slow traffic in addition to preventing skidding on slick surfaces.

Assistance with Traffic Control

What is the number one thing that drivers hate as they hurry to work or an appointment in the morning? Anything that may possibly slow them down? precisely, speed bumps. Most people will avoid traveling through school zones and populated areas because speed breakers are frequently located there. High-traffic regions can be effectively controlled for traffic calming by placing speed breakers.

Ensure Pedestrian Safety

People who lead busy lives frequently rush through parking lots and into the path of moving vehicles, which can cause a haze. Speed bumps make drivers move more slowly, reducing the possibility of accidents and fatalities.

Reduce the Risk of Traffic Accidents

Excessive speed is typically to blame for vehicle crashes in parking lots as well as on residential streets. The likelihood of such incidents can be reduced by adding concrete speed reduction indicators to existing signs. Speed bumps make drivers slow down or risk seriously damaging their car’s underside.

Uncomplicated to Build

Installing speed bumps is a quick and effective approach to direct traffic. Speed bumps may be put in with little effort and with few tools because they are made of rubberized material or asphalt. While paving or repairing a parking lot or road, speed breakers are installed wherever practical.

Parking Lots are helpful in Residential and School Zones

It makes sense to build speed bumps in parking lots near schools and residential areas since they are intended to reduce traffic flow and increase pedestrian safety. These areas typically contain a lot of small children who could easily dart onto a busy road. Speed bumps are especially helpful in residential areas since people of all ages routinely cross the street to visit neighbors, including families with young children and the elderly.


One of the more affordable traffic measures to slow down speeding cars in parking lots is the use of speed bumps. Traffic circles, chokers, chicanes, and lane-narrowing diagonal diverters are further traffic-controlling devices. Installation and upkeep costs for these channels might reach tens of thousands. The price of installing speed bumps varies based on the contractor, site, size, material, and quantity.

Outstanding Nighttime Visibility

Speed bumps in parking lots are easily seen at all times of the day and night thanks to reflective tape or paint. The majority of professionally made speed bumps have bright yellow stripes, while some also have reflective white stripes.

Do Asphalt Parking Lots Need the Construction of Speed Bumps?

Installation of speed bumps is one of the best methods for warning drivers of potential dangers and encouraging them to drive more slowly for safety reasons. In parking lots, speeding cars can endanger pedestrians and other drivers. Speed bumps can lessen liability risks for the property owner in the event of probable vehicle damage and/or personal injury.

Consult with the crew at LBE Construction Inc. for speed bump installation that is efficient, low maintenance, and reasonably priced. On residential roadways, commercial buildings, and public parking lots all across the area, our speed bump installation professionals provide a choice of speed bump types and sizes. For assistance with paving, sealing parking lots, and installing speed bumps, get in touch with LBE Contracting Inc. now.