Everyone is aware that bumps and speed humps exist in every parking lot and are responsible to prevent accidents from occurring and slow down traffic. In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians, it is crucial for drivers to slow down their vehicles in parking lots because of the large concentration of traffic there.

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Speed Bump Types

Speed bumps, also known as calming traffic devices, can be found in many shapes and sizes. The goal of the speed, no matter the size, shape or direction, is to efficiently slow down the traffic flow and maintain secure traffic conditions. Bumps are primarily put in place to enforce a certain speed restriction, which is typically less than 40 km/h but ends up saving the lives of thousands of people on the roads. Bumps, speed cushions, speed tables, and other variations are included in the category of goods for road congestion.

Six types of bumps are most commonly used in different locations:

Highway Speed Bumps

This kind of bump is mainly installed on major roads. The prior reason for highway speed bumps is to control the flow of traffic by limiting speed from moving vehicles. Speed bumps are typically used more on residential roads than on large roadways. It’s because important roadways have fast-moving traffic. Bumps or road bumps can create a rapid impact that might result in vehicle damage. Moreover, it may affect the path taken by emergency vehicles.

Speed bumps can be utilized on city streets and other roadways where there is more contact between vehicles and pedestrians. Placing them before traffic lights or pavement markings can encourage drivers to stop at a red light or respect the road markings.

Gravel Road Speed Bumps

Gravel roads have gravel and dirt on the surface instead of having a surface material added. In case a bicyclist or motorist or any vehicle driver is passing the road at high speed then dirt along with gravel will cause unpleasant trouble to the passerby. Moreover, it can disturb people who are living nearby.

Unfortunately, gravel road speed bumps that are full of dirt, in any case, cannot be painted. Gravel road bumps minimize traffic by requiring drivers to go no faster than 15 mph and make the sidewalk safer for people using crossings or safety lanes.

Dirt Road Speed Bumps

The same function exists with dirt road bumps as gravel road speed bumps, with the only difference being that this one is commonly installed and used on dirt roads. Dirt roads do not have an actual surface. If a high-speeding vehicle goes over a dirt road then it will accumulate all the dirt causing again trouble to the passerby and creating an unclear path.

Garage Speed Bumps

Visitors’ and other people’s safety while within garages is of utmost importance. When there is a lot of traffic and pedestrians and automobiles are close to one another, it is crucial to set a speed limit. Garage speed bumps are a fantastic traffic-management tool for ensuring that vehicles are passing through the garage safely.

Driveaway Speed Bumps

Vehicles travelling down the driveway are slowed down by speed breakers. Devices for reducing vehicle speed and preventing accidents on the road include speed humps, bumps, tables, and cushions. Furthermore, speed bumps warn drivers when there are pedestrians on a sidewalk, street, or driveway. For those using the crosswalk, sidewalk, and pedestrian crossing, they form a secure crossing area.

Parking Lot Speed Bumps

Speed bumps in parking lots are useful for controlling how quickly cars move around and how they are parked.

Any vehicle parked in a parking lot is required to obey a stated speed limit set by the parking lot owner with the aid of speed bumps. This includes buses, cars, motorcycles, ambulances, and other vehicles. Pedestrians and cars can come into direct touch in parking lots.

Speed Bump Installation Importance

The safety of parking lots depends heavily on bumps. Speed bumps are important to keep cars from driving too quickly and create avoidable parking lot accidents, regardless of how big your business’s parking lot is, how big your land is that cars drive on, or even how small it is. Pedestrian accidents can occur at any time and the liability for your parking lot may be impacted by these unpleasant accidents. That is a prior reason to take every possible measure to avoid crashes!

Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots are a frequent location for vehicles to unintentionally strike pedestrians due to the high volume of pedestrian traffic they experience. According to studies, a substantial percentage of motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians take place in parking lots. Although there are additional causes that can lead to crashes with pedestrians, such as negligent driving, unintentional speed, and failing to check behind a car when reversing. There is compelling evidence that competent speed bump placement can lower the overall number of accidents.

Prevent Accidents to Avoid Parking Lot Liability Issues

According to various studies and statistics, professionally installed speedbumps can lead to an immediate total accident reduction. If you could reduce the number of accidents on your property or in your parking lot, what effect would that have on your liabilities and the parking lot’s clients? The result would be a significantly safer parking lot or property.

Speed Reduction

Bumps are said to be far more effective than pavement markings made with reflective tape and speed limit signs, according to traffic engineers and traffic management professionals. So, compared to road markings, traffic signals, and speed limit signs, bumps significantly lower the number of dangerous and life-threatening crashes.

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