sealed glass units

The majority of windows have two panes. They are made up of two glass sheets that are glued together and have a narrow gap between them. To ensure effective insulation, argon or krypton gas is frequently injected into the area between the two panes.

Your double-paned windows may develop condensation, and become drafty, and foggy if the seal on them fails or if either or both of the glass panes split. When the seal is breached, the entire sealed unit is at risk, necessitating the replacement of both glass panes.

Sealed Glass Units

One type of modern glazing system is sealed glass window units, which include two or more sheets of glass that are filled with air, krypton or argon, and are separated by a bonding spacer. The entire structure is then edge-sealed to stop a pressure or gas leak.

When compared to single-pane glass, they have improved insulating and energy-efficient qualities. The sealed glass units insulating capacity increases with the number of glass panes. Because of this, sealed window glass units are often referred to as thermal, insulated glazing, or insulating glass units (IGUs).

Common Causes Of Damage to Insulating Glass

There are several factors why sealed window glass fails and needs to be replaced: 

  • Poorly installed windows
  • Strong chemicals that harm or destroy the sealant exposure
  • Pressure from strong winds and other adverse weather on the glass panes
  • Striking the glass with a missile or with excessive bodily power

The glass unit of an IGU loses its ability to efficiently insulate when the seal is damaged. Depending on how severe the air leak is, this could result in a large rise in your energy costs.

Common Signs to Replace Sealed Window Units

Moist and Foggy Windows

If the seal on your multi-glazed window is damaged and there is moisture accumulating in the space between the glass panes, your insulating glass units are already damaged. Fogging in between glass panes is an indication that moisture from the outside air has gotten inside the gap between the panes, resulting in condensation.

Cracked Glass

Whether you own single-pane or multiple-pane windows, even a small chip in the glass can affect how well they work and is a solid sign that you need to replace them. The first step in fixing cracked window glass is to assess the severity of the break and try to determine its source. You definitely don’t want to fix the window glass just to discover that you soon need to make another repair. If you can identify the source of the crack, you should also deal with it.

Drafty Windows

A further obvious sign that the seal is failing is the presence of drafts in your sealed window units. Depending on how severe the damage is, you can either weatherproof your windows or buy new replacement insulating glass units to remedy the situation.

Glass Distortion

Glass distortions can occur unintentionally due to a manufacturing fault or on purpose to produce a specific visual impression. When needed, limited vision can be created by using distortion, which interrupts the view through the glass. Moreover, distortion can be used to produce fascinating effects on glass, opening up a variety of creative decoration possibilities.

Water Leaks

Water pooling or dripping around your windows or window frames is another indication that your sealed window units have been damaged. This needs to be addressed right away to avoid costly water damage and foundation rot.

DIY Insulating Glass Replacement 

Getting a new sealed window unit is not a do-it-yourself project. We do not advise DIY glass installation either. It’s advisable to leave replacing sealed window units to experts as it’s a laborious and complicated job.

The best course of action is to get in touch with a window repair professional if you believe that your insulating glass units need to be fixed or replaced. It’s critical to realize that some sealed window units are built specifically for large window manufacturers and are not readily available for purchase.

Typical Window Replacement Timeline

Sometimes, replacing a sealed window unit is not enough. If you’re dealing with any of the above issues, it’s time to obtain new replacement windows.

Difficulty in Opening or Closing Windows

As a result of water damage, wooden window frames may swell or decay. Corrosion can cause issues with the functionality of aluminum windows. But, in some instances, it can just be a problem with the window’s hardware, which is relatively cheap and simple to replace. 

Outdated Window Frames

It might be time to replace your wood or aluminum window frames with new ones if, in addition to having damaged sealed glass units, they are beginning to deteriorate from aging and repeated exposure to extreme weather. Because they provide good insulation and require little maintenance, vinyl windows are a popular choice among homeowners.

Energy-Efficient Sealed Glass Units Replacement Process by LBE Contracting Inc.

Scheduling a free consultation with the LBE Contracting Inc. team of window glass specialists is the best way to get started, whether your window has started to look a little foggy or has been fully damaged and needs to be replaced right away.

Energy-Efficient Sealed Glass Unit Replacement Process includes:

New Pane Replacement 

The sealed glass units will be replaced if the window frame is in good shape.

A sealed glass unit must be replaced using the following steps:

  • The space will be cleared of any debris, and the existing frame will be prepared for installation.
  • Measure the current window opening and, if necessary, fix any broken windows.
  • Cut the glass to make a fresh, sealed container.
  • Plan a return trip so that your newly designed window may be installed.
  • Install and seal the new sealed glass units inside the window frame that already exists in your house.

New Frame Replacement

If your window’s sealed glass units and frames need to be replaced, we can provide you with a range of options for a replacement. You can choose the operation type, style, and frame material (usually vinyl or aluminum). Our general contracting team will assist you in making the finest choice of window for your needs and price range.

Sealed Unit Repairs

Professional window installers from LBE Contracting Inc. can help if you need a sealed glass units repair. We will assist you with all of your needs for replacing and repairing double-pane windows. Call us at 416-747-8040 or submit a free quote request today to learn further details.