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LBE Contracting Inc. is a Toronto-based company that offers professional balcony waterproofing and balcony repair services. 

Repairing the structural integrity of your balcony is a crucial aspect of maintaining and developing your house. A top priority option that every Canadian homeowner should take into consideration when it comes to home maintenance is balcony waterproofing. It is an important factor that helps your balcony not suffer from external or eroding elements that can cause severe damage to your overall property structure. 

Balcony waterproofing and repairs need specific materials such as high-quality paints, sealers as well as polyurethane. All of them contribute to a positive increase in your balcony’s longevity and overall appearance.

Balcony waterproofing and balcony repairs do not indicate a ‘just for the moment process’. It is a complete restoration process, and when properly conducted, factors such as weather and other elements can not have a negative impact on them. 

Knowing about the possibilities available is more important than simply owning a home. LBE Contracting Inc. offers trustworthy and reliable balcony waterproofing, as well as, balcony repair services and can definitely increase the life cycle and efficiency of your balcony. You will feel relieved that even in extreme temperatures or other negative elements your balcony is not suffering anymore. 

Balcony Leakage Phenomenon

Balconies once in a lifetime will possibly leak. Over the years many construction and waterproofing methods have been established and have made a significant impact when it comes to the effectiveness of waterproofing membranes. Particularly in apartments with multiple levels, more balconies are being built with few falls to the foundation. Ponding, or the accumulation of water and moisture between the membrane and the tiles, can occur on a balcony with little fall. Water leaks will develop over time if the waterproofing membrane cannot survive standing water after it has been applied. Joint failure brought on by waterlogging might result in leaks.

Do a complete inspection and assessment to find any anomalies or maintenance problems as soon as you notice a wet balcony. When water is poured over the tiles and you observe some leakage, the membrane is either defective or has been damaged, enabling water to soak through.

Causes of Balcony Leakage

Some major and most common causes of balcony leakage are: 

  • Inadequate planning before construction
  • No maintenance of the building
  • Membrane failure and pooling of rainwater
  • Drainage issues
  • Water can leak via cracks caused by natural structural damage

Due to their frequent exposure to outdoor elements, balconies are prone to water seepage. Each balcony’s construction is distinct, and the risk of water entry is increased if waterproofing techniques don’t take into account the balcony design. Balconies must be properly waterproofed, separated from the inside of the structure, and equipped with the required waterproofing membrane in order to prevent leaks. When balcony waterproofing fails, it usually happens because of an inexperienced contractor, an improper membrane choice, or because the homeowner or contractor is trying to save money.

What you should look for: 

  • Missing or cracked grout
  • Water stains on the internal ceiling or underside ceiling 
  • Splitting or peeling paint
  • Problems with your balcony doors 
  • Weak structural joints in the balcony’s posts and railing 

Importance of Balcony Waterproofing, Balcony Repair & Maintenance

In general, balconies should be properly maintained by every homeowner. This can only be reached with expertized inspections by professional people who have significant experience in balcony waterproofing and leaking balcony repair services. A full-service life can be achieved by implementing methods and inspections in order to detect any harmful issues or to ensure that the existing conditions of your balcony will not tend to get worse.

These conditions indicate possible cracks in the topside of the underside of your concrete slab, loose railing connection, damage due to the waterproofing membrane and ponding water. 

For such specialized inspections, you can take into consideration LBE Contracting Inc. balcony waterproofing services and our staff will be by your side assisting you properly by inspecting your house balconies and cleaning all the concrete surfaces and ensuring that none of the drains will get clogged. 

Call Experts for Expertized Balcony Waterproofing & Balcony Repair Services

If small problems like cracks or ponding water are not fixed right away, they could grow into much greater concerns. A balcony needs routine maintenance to maintain its structural integrity. This includes drain cleaning, sealing of concrete fractures, and maintaining the characteristics associated with sealant joints at the railing and slab-to-wall transitions. 

Making early and thorough balcony repairs to damaging circumstances will help make the repairs more affordable and manageable. Regular balcony inspections by building maintenance personnel may find damage or flaws, such as a waterproofing barrier layer that may have been harmed when a piece of equipment was dragged across it.

Call LBE Contracting Inc. professionals for expertized waterproofing and balcony repairs at 416-747-8040 or send your own project description and related details to [email protected] and let our contractors instantly assist you!