drywall patching

iHoles in your property’s walls, intentionally made or not, can happen anytime. Unfortunately, many homeowners always seek to conduct small DIY drywall patching projects that will lead to major construction problems. Pushpins, nails, screws, and other fasteners that are frequently used to hang or secure furniture, wall mounts, decor, and other items can leave small holes in drywall. The holes are hardly visible while these items are in place, but if you wish to change your decoration, you will need to repair these gaps with drywall cement or hang a similar-sized object to conceal the holes in walls.

Accidents usually result in larger holes in the drywall. Although these bigger holes are more difficult to repair than small nail holes, that is a prior reason why drywall patching and drywall painting are necessary to restore the fresh appearance of your wall.

Common Drywall Damage Factors

You may be wondering which risk factors can cause drywall damage. LBE Contracting Inc. can identify any type of problem that is created and apply innovative and cost-effective drywall patching repair methods that will benefit and restore your drywall. 

LBE Contracting Inc. can address the following issues that are also factors for damaging a house’s drywall.

  • Mice damage
  • Moisture damage 
  • Cracks due to settling
  • Holes because of drywall anchors

Drywall Patch Repair Benefits

Ensures Durability and Sustainability

Walls that have holes and cracks are impossible to be stable and safe. If your property’s drywall holds a significant amount of weight, holes and cracks then it will affect the stability and will possibly lead to crumbling. 

A compromised wall covering also wears out more quickly. LBE Contracting Inc. drywall patch repair experts will measure the damaged area, tape any seams or joints, and the product for a smooth finish, texturize it, and paint it. As a result, its toughness will increase.

Energy Efficiency 

Cracks, holes and other openings are the primary factors that allow drafts to enter your home. When cold air enters the home, you are obliged to increase the temperature by turning on the thermostat. As a result, your energy costs could rise over the season or your heating system could experience early wear and tear.

Fire Resistance 

Homeowners should constantly use attention to preventing fires in their houses. It’s crucial to carry out as many fire-resistant renovations as you can because accidents can happen. A good fire-resistant measure to take is drywall repairs.

The drywall will burn faster and spread to nearby rooms if there are any gaps. This stops a fire from swiftly spreading throughout the house when flaws are patched up or the drywall is changed completely.

LBE Contracting Inc. Drywall Patch Repair Contractors

LBE Contracting Inc.’s drywall patching crew is committed to working safely without any compromising on the quality of the drywall patch service. Safety on the job site and everyone’s well-being are top priorities for our team. We go above and beyond to make sure every member of our crew has the knowledge, resources, and assistance needed to prevent accidents on the job and guarantee the drywall patching project is completed safely.

Our Drywall Patching Contractors have significant knowledge of the following: 

  • Sanding
  • Mudding
  • Painting
  • Texturizing
  • Finishing Touches
  • Drywall Hanging(including ceiling installation)
  • Finishing Touches
  • Seam or Joint Taping

LBE Contracting Inc.’s drywall patch repair crew can take care of your needs whether you need drywall installation, replacement, or drywall repairs. We take considerable care throughout the prep work to ensure the durability of your drywall once we’re done.

Contact LBE Contracting Inc. immediately at 416-747-8040  or at [email protected] for any inquiries you may have regarding our drywall patching services or to request an estimate.