Does Your Concrete Require A Second Chance?

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Many surface concrete repairs and other concrete restoration tasks can be handled by our staff. We provide just much every type of concrete repair service you can imagine, including driveway resurfacing, concrete wall repair, concrete crack repair and concrete foundation restoration.

LBE Contracting Inc. is the company you can call when you need concrete repair work done properly. We take great pleasure in our work, professionalism, and subject-matter expertise. We promise that you’ll be satisfied with the completed project and your expectations will be fulfilled. 

What LBE Contracting Inc. Concrete Repair includes:

  • Concrete Crack Repair Services
  • Concrete Foundation Repair Services
  • Topping & Concrete Leveling

Concrete Repair Importance 

Concrete is extremely important for everyone’s household and is also classified as the most durable and used hand-man material all around the world. Building structures built with a block of concrete can offer a great number of benefits starting from the premium fire resistance it has to other environmental perks. 

Concretes should be handled by expertized and knowledgeable people, as they sometimes can crack or wither. This means that they want extra care and perform professional concrete crack repairs to minimize further damage. Extreme weather conditions and temperatures can impact your concrete’s quality. A few reasons can be responsible for causing concrete cracks:

Property’s Structural Damage

Structural or, in simple words, physical damage to concrete can be caused during the de-shuttering and casting process. Concrete walls, concrete slabs as well as pipelines are more prone to be damaged despite earthquake shocks and ground settling. Concrete cracks can also be caused due to expansion which is mainly caused by high-temperature levels. If you’ve been seeking assistance with concrete repairs in your region, you should first conduct some local due diligence to ensure that the person you hire is reliable. You can collaborate with LBE Contracting Inc. and learn more about our professional working capabilities. 

Corrosion or Reinforcement 

Corrodible products such as carbon steel, when expanded, in reinforced buildings, can cause mechanical stress, and as a result, can initiate concrete crack formation and unstable concrete structures. This means that concrete repair services are beyond needed. 

In order to detect structural concerns before they get worse, you might want to think about hiring a contracting company that offers great assistance in concrete repairs.

Concrete repair in cases of concrete cracks is essential for the longevity of a concrete structure because if concrete cracks are left unattended, water damage could speed up the deterioration of the material.

Chemical Damage 

Concrete repairs are vital for a property’s building code. In case letting them undetected or unrepaired then this means that the overall concrete structure will start disintegrating. Concrete constructions can sustain damage from chemical processes like carbonation. 

These are some additional compounds that can cause concrete degradation:

  • Attack of Chemical Sulfate → This can happen in situations where sulphate in concrete cement comes directly in contact with cement)
  • Leaching → When water leaks through concrete cracks that exist already, it breaks down the minerals that were there and makes the cement hard.
  • Chlorides → Especially calcium chloride 
  • Seawater → Constant Seawater exposure to concrete can have corrosive effects.

Other Concrete Damage factors can also be: 

  • Blast Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Insufficient Reinforcement 
  • Seismic Damage
  • Excessive Loads

Concrete Repairs Process

Concrete Maintenance

With regular concrete maintenance, you may significantly increase the concrete’s lifespan and aesthetic appeal. For example, decorative concrete can continue to remain fresh and vibrant after years of use, as opposed to looking faded, greasy, and dirty.

As a homeowner, you want to take a positive return on investment for every project you undertake to maintain it.  This safeguards your concrete investment by keeping the concrete in good condition. If you choose a decorative concrete, you should pay closer attention to the maintenance of your investment.

Concrete Maintenance can make your Concrete Look Like a New One

  • Concrete should be cleaned frequently (at least once a year) to get rid of natural dirt and grime accumulation, as well as corrosion or other stains.
  • To protect the concrete’s structural surface and reduce water infiltration, which can cause problems underneath the concrete, fix any fractures in the concrete.
  • Concrete joints should be sealed to reduce water infiltration, get rid of dirt buildup, and stop plants from growing.
  • Concrete surfaces should be sealed to make them water- and dust-resistant, allow for abrasion resistance, and improve UV sunlight resistance.

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