Sign Installation

LBE Contracting Inc. is a professional Toronto sign company that supports all types of sign installation and sign production services. Our sign installers can cover all aspects of the sign industry, which is a primary reason why our expertized services are well-known in Toronto and the GTA area.

Sign Production

At LBE Contracting Inc. we strongly believe that producing your sign is just the start of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. A sign installation is a good investment and our goal is to make it real and lasting. A variety of interior and exterior signs or the ability to make a custom one can be suggested form our professionals. As a fully certified and licensed company, LBE Contracting Inc. can help your business project stand and make the best impressions on your customers by fulfilling their expectations.  

A lovely external sign that is illuminated can help you stand out at night. To make your business stand out, we provide a variety of electric lighting. Each customized, low-maintenance illuminated sign is created with high energy efficiency standards.

Sign Installation Services

Signs have to be unique for every business owner or homeowner. LBE Contracting Inc. is a one-stop shop that covers all your sign needs. Starting from design and strategy to creation, sign installation and sign maintenance, our professional team can handle any type of sign installation project you are planning to conduct. Our skilled sign installers are experts at installing indoor signs and outdoor signs in a range of environments and climates. LBE Contracting Inc.’s sign installation specialists guarantee a smooth, secure, and effective sign installation every time, by using cutting-edge fleet equipment including scissor lifts, cherry pickers, and bucket trucks. A skilled team of sign installers will respond and troubleshoot on-site if any unexpected circumstances or challenges develop in order to keep your project on schedule.

LBE Contracting Inc. Sign Installation

LBE Contracting Inc. is committed to offering innovative, high-quality and cost-efficient sign installation services. To achieve it, our sign installation crew has overcome extensive training that fulfills every industry standard. The attention to detail and rigorous attention guarantee longevity and quality. 

LBE Contracting is offering both interior and exterior signs. We can design and install as follows:

  • Banners
  • Traffic Signs
  • Lasered Signs
  • Pylon Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Posters
  • Meeting Room and Door Signs
  • Window Lettering and Graphics
  • Leaderboards
  • Window and Door Frosting
  • And many more!

Sign Maintenance

Sign maintenance is one of the most essential factors in efficiently protecting your investment. Sign maintenance offers a wide range of benefits such as keeping your sign colors vibrant, reducing surface damage, keeping the light shining bright, and protecting against severe weather conditions and temperatures. 

Uncontrollable weather conditions such as direct sunlight, strong UV rays, rain, heat, cold, wind,  and dirt can all have a strong impact on how your sign looks. Before the deterioration becomes worse and becomes potentially expensive to fix, LBE Contracting Inc.’s sign installation and maintenance services can renew and restore signpost structures and surfaces. To prevent the accumulation of weather elements, outdoor signs should be maintained very frequently. 

Sign Repair & Service

A variety of situations and factors can be responsible for damaging indoor and outdoor signs. The most common factors in this issue are water damage, lamps or parts and worn ballasts. In case your sign is not operating or working properly, then a troubleshooting problem has occurred, and restoration is the best solution for you. 

For both current and future consumers, your sign typically serves as their initial impression. 

Call LBE Contracting Inc. right away to fix your broken sign so you don’t lose your valuable customers.

Sign Refinishing and Retrofit

You probably understand the value of signs if you manage a storefront or retail business. By highlighting your company’s advantages, quality signs may increase foot traffic to your doors. On the other hand, insufficient signs might result in reduced visibility, a negative impression, and other unpleasant problems. So what should a business owner do if they discover that their sign is no longer effective? Obviously, a makeover is necessary, but on what standard? You actually have three choices:

Sign Retrofitting

The time when neon tubes, fluorescent lighting, and big incandescent bulbs were the newest lighting trends is long gone. By retrofitting your lit sign, you can have one that is as economical and energy-efficient as the most recent options.

LED lights, also known as light-emitting diodes, will make your sign appear brighter and help you save money on energy costs. Several sign installation companies are skilled at retrofitting signs with illumination if they don’t already have any.

Sign Replacing

To update your branding and draw in new clients, you occasionally need a completely new sign. Repairs or retrofits can’t always offer a good answer, whether your sign has an outdated logo, inaccurate information, or might need newer, brighter lights. In these situations, you require a brand-new, specifically made sign that a reputable signage supplier would design and install.

Sign Repairing

Some signs feature a modern design that properly represents your company yet just requires minor repairs. Repairing your retail signage can be the simplest and most affordable way to enhance its appearance, feel, and appeal, whether it needs a few light bulbs replaced, a fresh coat of paint, or to be refastened to your building.

Your sign might still be fixable even if some of the letters, trim, or other crucial components are missing. Companies that specialize in signage can replicate special parts to match the appearance of your original sign. Don’t discard your old sign just because it has faded or has parts missing!

Call LBE Contracting Inc. for the Best Sign Installation and Production 

LBE Contracting Inc. can fulfill every sign production and sign installation project that will meet your and your customer’s expectations. By offering our customers top-notch signage solutions, we aim to go beyond industry standards. Our entire staff of professionals is incredibly talented and diligent.

For your upcoming sign production and sign installation idea that pops up in your mind, do not hesitate to contact LBE Contracting at 416-747-8040or send your own sign installation project requirements to [email protected] anytime and let our sign installers immediately assist you!